The volume of Bitcoin futures trading at CBOE is rapidly growing

Despite the gradual decline in prices for bitcoin and other crypto currencies can be seen increased trade in the Bitcoin Futures market. Thus, the volume of futures contracts sold at CBOE and CME Group in the second quarter of 2018, of course, has grown. According to verified data, 13 July 1190 were registered CBOE such contracts, and most exchange markets 2500-18000 + Bitcoin Futures day. According to verified data, on July 13, 1190 such contracts were registered at the CBOE, and the exchange itself sells 2,500-18,000+ Bitcoin Futures per day.

In the CME Group, the volume of Bitcoin Futures contract sales is usually lower than for CBOE. To date, CME has registered 2634 contracts, which expire this month. On July 5, the number of such contracts increased to 6739, setting a new record for the site. However, CME has not yet managed to reach the historic maximum established on April 25 at CBOE – about 19 thousand contracts.

Seeing the growing interest of investors in Bitcoin Futures, CBOE expects that these markets will pave the way for bitcoin-ETF. The fate of the new product will be resolved in a month.

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