Jeff McDonald: “Truth as it is – people are just making money. Crypto hasn’t changed anybody’s life”.

Jeff McDonald, NEM Foundation Founding Board Member, was one of the most expected speakers during Blockchain UA conference, which took place in Kiev, Ukraine at 16th of September.

Jeff has been working as a core team member of the NEM project at the same time as the release of NEM. He has served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho, South Africa for two years, and has lectured in various fields including communication lectures at Keimyung University in Korea from 2008 to 2017.

Jeff has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2013 and an advocate for blockchains to be used as more than just a ledger for financial transactions but instead also as a ledger and security solution for valuable information.  As the inventor of the Apostille protocol on NEM and the CEO of LuxTag, a company offering advanced document notarization and tokenization solutions on the blockchain, he further champions expanding boundaries of blockchain beyond sending money.

–              Jeff, nice to see you in Kiev. Your presentation was really memorable among other speakers, how are you usually preparing for this?

–              I just love NEM. A lot of people think that I prefer speech and a lot of words, but I don’t memories everything. I’m just talking and it depends on the crowd. There’s something that I want to say per slide but it’s just a good technology.

–              As I understood in Ukraine there’s a big NEM community. Why one country has one type of community and there is no community at all in another? What does it depend on?

–              I think that Ukraine is good for developers. Some countries are focusing on trading, on rising ICO money. But Ukraine is in real development focus.  And developers loves NEM. We give them the easiest tool, and beginning – level developers launches apps on NEM.

–              You working in this sphere not first year. What changes do you notice?

–              Truth as it is – people are just making money. Crypto hasn’t changed anybody’s life. There’s no real applications that are really changing people’s life’s, especially my life. Not on NEM, not on Etherium, not on Bitcoin. But bitcoin changed drug dealers life, because its easier for them now to buy and sell drugs. So that’s good for bitcoiners but for other blockchains like Ethereum or NEm, which are just platforms, not just anonymous money, they haven’t really had a killer application. We are working on that, working on a lot of great application but it’s a little bit slow. In time I see there’s going to be applications for identity, apps for property…I think they are coming and that will real change people’s life.

–              There are lots of conferences all over the world and almost every day somewhere on the map the one can find blockchain event. How you choose the conference where to go?

–              As for me personally I am usually invited to multiple conferences every week. Next week I’m going to LA, then San Francisco. Organizers of those events are very reputable people. After that I’m going to the Philippines to speak to the chamber of commerce and the president of the Philippines will be there too. Basically I choose conferences me personally where I like the organizers. So I wanted to come here and meet rapid all people and all is good. That’s why I am here today instead of the being in other countries.

–              What are the main events in crypto space, which you are waiting for?

–              I’m mainly looking for a legitimate applications. I deal with companies that only do real blockchain. And I’m looking for jurisdiction or country that will really do well their blockchain. Like in America – you can find a blockchain there, but it’s complicated.  You need to do all these paperwork. Yes, I’m looking for a country that really well comes.  I want to have guarantee law from the government – for example, this will be the law for 5 years, they promise not to change the law or they will have to pay a penalty. Something like that. I want a strong guarantee from the government what blockchain can do, where you can get a license, then people can be regulated. Today Malta is coming along as one of the leading countries.

–              Are you waiting for when Ethereum price will go up? And have you check coinmarketcap every morning? Does it matter for you?

–              I’m mainly invested in them. I do only Ethereum, I do on bitcoin. But the price of cryptocurrencies don’t matter to me so much. As you can look at my speech today, my whole time was about that builders building the blockchain and not traders trading the blockchain. The most of people on conferences are looking for making money but the people that are interested in building listen to my talk. Eventually that leads the money because my main goal is to build applications and to change the world.

– Thanks for conversation and have a good time in Kiev!

-Thank you and good luck!



 Jeff McDonald, NEM Foundation Founding Board Member,

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