Crypto markets rise

The meeting of the Financial Services Committee and crypto enthusiasts did not have time, as the market of cryptocurrency sharply increased. Due to the fact that the government supports the blockchain technology, the crypto market continues to grow for the second day. Now the daily trading volume is about 17 billion dollars.

One can notice a significant increase in the market capitalization of all altcoins, except for the two coins, which are on the top of the 20 most popular cryptocurrencies.

At the press time, Bitcoin (BTC) is up about 2,65% and is currently trading at $6 660 per coin. It is worth noting that over the past two days, the most popular cryptocurrency has managed to exceed the $ 6,700 mark. At the same time, over the last 30 days, Bitcoin manages to exceed 30%.

Scheme of Bitcoin rise

The second most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH), is trading at $ 224 per coin at the time of writing. Ethereum over the past 24 hours increased by more than 4,57% and over the week more than 2%.

Scheme of Ethereum rise

The third cryptocurrency Ripple (RR) also grew by 0.05% and is traded at $ 0.52 per coin. Over the past month, altcoin has shown rapid growth and has risen by almost 60%.

Scheme of Ripple rise

At the time of writing, the total market capitalization jumped to $ 220 billion. Against the backdrop of the increase in total market capitalization, Bitcoin’s prevalence declined slightly from 53% to 52.1%.

Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) also grew. Over the day, they increased by 8.31% and 1.41%, respectively. At the time of writing, LTC is trading at $ 62, and BCH $ 540 per coin.

Scheme of Litecoin rise

Scheme of Bitcoin Cash rise


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