UN to discuss future of blockchain

At the end of this month, the UN will introduce the blockchain technology. On October 24, the World Investment Forum organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development will hold its first conference on this technology. The most influential people from the crypto industry get together to discuss the future of the blockchain technology and talk about how to expand its scope.

The forum will feature the Blockchain for Inclusive Growth document, which regulates blockchain regulation around the world. As well as the charitable foundation Blockchain will present some experimental projects that use this technology.

At the moment, the blockchain is associated with easy money mining and fraudulent operations, but the foundation believes that the blockchain is a very promising innovation that can allow you to manage finances, land registries and supply chains in a different way. As well as this technology can be implemented in the field of charity so that donations are more transparent.

It is already known that Changpeng Zhao Binance, Ariana Fowler of ConsenSys Social Impact and other influential members of IBM, the UNICEF Innovation Fund and others will speak at the conference.

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