Bad news for blockchain technology

The real situation in the cryptosphere is very deplorable. Capgemini in France is one of the world’s largest management and information technology consulting companies – has published a report stating that only 3% of companies use blockchains. Despite the desire of many managers to use DLT technology, only three out of a hundred companies have switched to the blockchain. The Capgemini study involved 450 companies from different sectors – both retail and consumer goods. Despite the hype around the blockchain, the report says, most companies are only planning to use this technology, or are experimenting with various DLT tools. The number of companies conducting such experiments is insignificant – only 10%.

The greatest interest in distributed registry technology is seen in transport companies and logistics providers. These are the areas where the use of the blockchain can instantly increase efficiency and profit.

Most often, the blockchain is used by British, American and French companies, the report says. By volume of investment in the DLT-sphere, the United States leads: since 2012, Americans have invested more than $ 1 billion in the study and development of blockchain services.

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