By lots of different ratings, Dinis Guarda included in the top list of most influential people in fintech and blockchain industries. An author of more then 20 books, CEO Founder Ztudiumblocksdnaintelligenthq, keynote speaker of most important world conferences, creator of bank between Africa and Asia, manager crowdsale campaigns and multiple startups worth over hundreds of millions of dollars and lots of others roles and hypostases – that all about Dinis. He is the founder of  

Sometimes it seems that he could do hundreds of things at one time.

Today Dinis is trying to prove to the world that with help of digital transformation, AI, blockchain, DLT tech and crypto we can put the worlds intelligent data insight at our fingertips.

-Dinis, hi! For how long you work as a teacher?

-I’m teaching in business schools for the last 15 years. I have been teaching in Copenhagen Business School. In my life, I have been a lecturer and speaker in Cambridge, INSEEC (France, US, UK), Monaco University, ETIC (Portugal). At this period of my life, I am visiting around 10 conferences per month, which I choose mostly according to the speakers in the conference and the topics. At some of them, I am a partner. I’m really focused on that. I need to manage 20 people all over the world working for me and the speakers are very important for me.  And obviously – I live in aircrafts. My family doesn’t like it (e.n. smiling). But I really love what I do, so I have a comprehensive family.

-Because we met with you at hackers conference, I just should ask – cybersecurity and cryptography is a quite specific part of the industry. How did u get there?

-I was one of the first people writing about blockchain in the world.I like technology of blockchain and as I see – it is all about cybersecurity. You cannot do anything in technology that doesn’t touch security. So I’m very focused today in building and learning it. There’s too much more to learn for me in this space. Every day there’s a new technology and a new plugin…

-You have already written and published 20 books. What are you working on now?

-Before I used to write about social media and finance + trading. Today -its “Blockchain, AI and Crypto Economics – The Next Tsunami?” and “Tokenomics and ICOs – How to be good at the new digital world of finance / Crypto”. Initially, they are focused in the same one – blockchain and AI in crypto economics. But I decided to do second one book with more on research. As I speak to a lot of big corporations and governments, I understand that no one actually knows the basics. Here it’s different because we are in audience where people are more advanced. So I decided to do first one of those two books more educational. The other one “BlockchainAge and Cryptocnomics…” is more advanced. Its included 3 or more pages of researches, questions, etc. Comparing to the first one that we mentioned, which is more basic, and giving answers on more common things.

-Where’s your main focus now?

-I have 3 heads. I think 1 is an offering speaker because it’s very important for me. My nature is about researching, learning, teaching and engaging with people. So that’s the main head. I do what I love, I am writing books, I am doing researches every month and we have websites that I run. Then the main project as a business- it is my company’s. We building one big software called blockinAge and it is soft software that can be used as a white label operating system. That is blockchain operating system, but can be scaled as an app that everyone can use in the world.

My idea is the biggest decentralized app and the biggest corporation in the world but in the sustainable way. At the moment the software is becoming more advanced we are deploying it with 1 million people to start.

We put it to build for everyone. It is like word press but blockchain variation.

The 3rd head is mostly data and AI. I am working with scientists and artificial intelligence to create like a decentralized search engines, but it cannot be manipulate. I spoke today mostly about identity and now we can actually talk about identity and the problems around identity, it’s the most sensitive stuff.

-What events interest you most now in this sphere?

-It’s very difficult question because I think it depends of the global location. I am connected with a lot of events related with fintech, with a network called Asian banker. I think they have some of the best B2B networks in finance and technology. I work very close with company that organises the World Blockchain Summit and the World AI Summit where I am a speaker of the best events around the world. And what I really like that is that they do it all over the world. Speakers network very big – from Roger Ver to guys from Cardano. Also, the Crypto Valley is a very good event for the community, for example. So that depends of the industry. I cannot put everything in the box of course. For me, there is much more about the speakers because sometimes you might have all stars together but if the dynamic is not good enough – it is not interested.

-It was nice to meet you, Dinis, you are one of the really great minds, that I know.

-I am really glad to meet you too

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