Former top manager of Apple headed blockchain startup

Blockchain-startup Civic hired former Apple top manager Philip Schoemaker as CEO of Shoemaker will be responsible for the growth and development of this blockchain platform, the company said.

“Philip’s knowledge of the blockchain and the experience of creating internal infrastructure will help survive the most crucial moment of deployment and growth,” said Jonathan Smith, CTO and Cofic.

Shoemaker worked for 7 years as an executive director in the App Store Review department, where he increased the team from four to 300 people. After leaving the technology giant, he worked for several years as an advisor to blockchain startups.

Identification is the biggest unsolved problem in our society, and the blockchain technology can completely change the methods of proof and identity verification. Creating a robust, open source identification ecosystem in which everyone can participate is a key part of ensuring the availability and functionality of digital identification in our modern world.

Civic raised $ 33 million through initial coin offerings last year as part of an effort to build its decentralized infrastructure, allowing third parties to fully identify individuals.

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